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's a messaging issue that the candidates and their campaigns have to deal with. put it this way. if romney had been selected the nominee back in february or early february or mid-february, would that have precluded his -- the words leaving his mouth about, well, you know, i really don't care for the poor. the very poor. what does that have to do with how long the process is? so i think a lot of campaigns want to jump on the process because their candidates don't know how to keep their mouth shut about -- without saying something that causes them angst. you can't blame the process for that. that is -- that's more of an ability to, again, stay on the message. the economic message. again, that would have nothing to do with rick santorum's fakeoff on social issues and nor would it have anything to do with the rush limbaugh controversy because i would submit to you that if romney were the nomny, he'd be in a much tougher spot given what rush limbaugh just said with the cameras coming to him every day. now the cameras can at least go to three or four different other people and get a sound bite from
romney has been waiting for? >> i hope that i get the support of people here in ohio tomorrow. and the other states across the country. i believe if i do i can get the nomination. >> if the conservative base of the republican party is still longing for someone other than mitt romney to get the nomination, tonight is their chance to say so. >> governor romney gets out there and four, five, six to one you know, it is going to take a toll and that's what's happened in pretty much all the states. that's why you know, i keep looking at this as a game of survival. >> rick santorum staking his hopes on ohio and tennessee. newt gingrich saying it is do or die time in his home state of georgia. >> we have really worked very hard to make sure we can carry georgia and all the polls now indicate we will carry georgia. >> the front runner, mitt romney, trying to close the deal tonight against his rival bus he is picking up baggage along wait that could hurt him long term. >> what does it say about the college coed, susan fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says
romney needs to finally prove he can close the deal with voters and rick santorum needs to move prove he can stop him. >> everyone is going out here scrapping and clawing. and we're doing all right. >> this may be newt gingrich's last chance for a campaign comeback. >> i'm not a team player. i'm a change agent. >> and ron paul's biggest chance to pick off more delegates. >> we do know that the strategy of building up delegates is a pretty sound position to have. >> will any one candidate emerge as the big super tuesday winner or loser? republicans are choosing. the world is watching. and nothing in this election compares to what's happening right now. >>> welcome to the cnn election sent they are special edition of "john king usa." there's a gold mine of delegates at stake right now. 400 that stretch from vermont to alaska and something that may be just as valuable, a chance for the republican candidates to prove they can win on a big national playing field. live picture from fargo, north dakota. people gathering right now for a huge republican congress that begins later this hour. voter
prize yet in the republican contest. is this the day mitt romney has been waiting for? >> i hope that i get the support of people here in ohio tomorrow. and the other states across the country. i believe if i do i can get the nomination. >> if the conservative base of the republican party is still longing for someone other than mitt romney to get the nomination, tonight is their chance to say so. >> governor romney gets out there and four, five, six to one you know, it is going to take a toll and that's what's happened in pretty much all the states. that's why you know, i keep looking at this as a game of survival. >> rick santorum staking his hopes on ohio and tennessee. newt gingrich saying it is do or die time in his home state of georgia. >> we have really worked very hard to make sure we can carry georgia and all the polls now indicate we will carry georgia. >> the front runner, mitt romney, trying to close the deal tonight against his rival bus he is picking up baggage along wait that could hurt him long term. >> what does it say about the college coed, susan fluke, who goes befor
colbert counts down the minutes until conservatives must fall in love with mitt romney. we'll watch the clock with colbert later in the show. >>> first to the news live at 5:30 a.m., here at 30 rock. after mons of campaigning the single biggest day in the republican presidential race is here with 11 states including wyoming caucuses and more than 400 delegates up for grabs, the next 16 or so hours will go a long way in dertermining the nominee and perhaps the next president of the united states. much of the focus is on ohio, a key battleground and must-win for republicans. as of now the numbers suggest ohio, anybody's game. three different polls in the last 24 hours show mitt romney and rick santorum in a statistical tie in ohio. both candidates spending yesterday there in ohio in a last campaign push before the polls open in a couple hours this morning. santorum focused his closing arguments on attacking mitt romney citing reports he suggested his state's health care law could be used as a model for the entire country. >> bad enough to be for a government mandated health care syste
in the republican race. does mitt romney put it away today on again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. ohio, tennessee, georgia, three states to watch today, but the pressure's on santorum tonight to prove he's still viable. romney may have a perception problem, but santorum has a math problem. we'll break it down. >>> and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu makes it clear to an american audience he's through with waiting on iran. president obama affirms he's got israel's back as we move a step closer to an armed conflict. it's super tuesday, march 6, 2012, this is "the daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. packed show. let's get to it. >>> ten states, five time zones stretching more than 4,500 miles cast ballots today. the closest americans get to a national primary. an 11th state, wyoming, elects delegates at county conventions. two battles tonight. a perception and delegate battle. we know who wins the delegate fight. mitt romney poised to walkway from tonight one step closer to the 1144 mark he needs to secure the nomination. the question, though, who will walkway from tonight's contest
of ohio has mitt romney at 37 and santorum at 36. it is neck and neck. of course, newt gingrich and ron paul bringing up the rear with 15 and 11% respectively. georgia, ppp again, but gingrich has a huge hometown advantage leading the pack. as you can see 47 of the 24%. however, there are some conflicting poll numbers that if you stick around, you will be able to see some of that. santorum and paul of course both third and fourth. this is what the delegate count looks like. a candidate needs 1,144 delegates to win and that's exactly what this shows right here, but you can see look at romney has 203. tomorrow, as you see, there is over 400. this is not going to be done. according to the associated press, mitt romney has that exact number 203 but all of these contests tomorrow all of them are proportional and that means that none are winner-take-all. so that means no one is going to come away with a clear -- as the clear winner in delegates. no one is going to have a tipping point number. we may see a surprise in momentum if santorum wins ohio if ro
. a big night in politics. the agony of defeat. we're used to election nights in which either mitt romney or his nearest rival is threatened with massive defeat. finally tonight that could happen. if rick santorum can't win in ohio, he's probably busted. if he's beaten in ohio and tennessee, he's clearly busted. if gingrich wins in georgia and nowhere else, he saves his dignity but probably only that. after weeks of negative campaigning by romney super pacs, he stands on the verge of victory. it's super tuesday. 424 delegates at stake. four candidates. msnbc will provide complete coverage beginning at 6:00 eastern. rachel maddow joins me along with al sharpton. joining me now is joe skar bow row and steve smith, who is chief star of "game change." he's a star for that. you come across so good at that. 11 states ahead in the polls. over 400 delegates. you can see them on the map. alaska, idaho, wyoming, north dakota, oklahoma, tennessee, ohio, vermont, massachusetts, virginia, and georgia. let me start with joe, my colleague from the early morning. what are you looking at tonight for somet
contests. front runners mitt romney and rick santorum were making last minute pitches to voters. instead of listening to them we are going to go right here to talk about this georgia primary. as we can see, gingrich is up significantly over romney. not going to be a whole lot of surprise if in fact that turns out to be the case. in ohio we have got romney up just one point over santorum according to public policy polling. we have a delegate count, 203 to 92 to 33 to 25. but all of these delegates tomorrow are proportionately given. after tomorrow it's not like people are going to go away. it is, in fact, was going to continue on. and we are joined right here by chris lahane and susan kennedy. chris and susan are these two fantastic -- notice they have blue cups tonight. they are democratic operatives although susan is an independent, i would say. need a purple cup. you started out as a democrat. >> the show. >> susan was the chief of staff for former governor arnold schwarzenegger. chris lahane has worked on a gajillion campaigns, top to bottom.
mitt romney has to think about which side he's on, rush or the woman he was insulting, just a minute i'm thinking. my guess is the woman will remember, all women will remember. that is "hardball" thanks for being with us. "the ed show" starts right now. >>> good evening americans, welcome. rush limbaugh's fake apology was rejected by sandra fluke. the king of krif talk is bleeding advertisers, conservatives are attacking me? this is the "the ed show," let's get to work. >>> the two words were inappropriate, they were uncalled for. >> rush limbaugh has issued an apology and the woman he victimized isn't buying it. >> i don't think that a statement like this issued saying that his choice of words was not the best changes anything. >> now's terry o'neill on rush limbaugh's attempt at an apology. krystal ball on the latest on the boycott, plus salon's joan walsh and richard wolffe on the sorry republican response to limbaugh's sorry remarks. >>> ohio governor john kasich is refusing federal disaster relief for his state and democrats accused him of playing politics. ohio congres
is our top story. >>> and where's mitt romney in all this? silent as a lamb. mitt takes a beating in the new nbc/"wall street journal" poll. and that's no surprise. he's run a campaign of carpet bombing his opponents that's destroyed them state by state and left him down in the process. this may get him the nomination, but it's poison in november. the whole republican field is being damaged in this process. our new poll found 40% say the race has given them a less favorable inl impression of the gop. one of the polls called the process corrosive. the polls also filled with good news for president obama who was at or above 50% against every republican candidate. and a report argues today that african-american voters are being disenfranchised by republicans seeking to hold down the democratic vote this fall. we'll talk to the head of the national urban league. >>> and finally, let me finish with mitt romney's deep fear of rush limbaugh. we begin with rush limbaugh's partial apology today and the failure of republicans to challenge him. senator claire mccaskill is a democrat. rush le
gingrich would have left a long time ago if he did not have a superpower. mitt romney would not have been in a strong opposition as he is today. there is no doubt about it. supertax have fundamentally altered the nature of the campaign. it has made it more negative, and it has made campaigning less transparent, so you do not know exactly where the attack ads are coming from. it is not good for the party or for the country in general. >> i think you are right. i think it is bad on both sides. i was upset with the president for embracing this nonsense. i think it is wrong across the board, but what do we do about? >> i think it is up to the united states congress and the president of the united states to pass some form of campaign finance reform that the supreme court not overturned. there has to be a way to draft a bill that would prevent a billionaire to be able to write $10 billion checks of the time to keep the campaign going but does not have the support of individual americans. i am not a huge fan of individual limits to campaigns. i think people should be able to give what they want
romney across the northeast and rick santorum in oklahoma. the biggest surprise in all, ohio. santorum and romney have fought tooth and nail to emerge vicks you from the buckeye state. let's listen to the candidates as their final pitch goes out to voters. >> i do think we have a very real chance to win. but we're not here to get you to help callista and me. we're here to get you to help the country. >> this is not just about names on the ballot. this isn't an election about the course for america. we have to get rid of a failed president and get someone in there that understand this is economy and go to work to help the american people. >> the difference in this campaign is not just about governor romney being for obamacare, romneycare, advocating, as we've seen in the last week or two, it's one thing to be for it. it's another thing to not tell the truth to the people of this country about it. with e need a president and a nominee we can trust. >> let's bring in our super tuesday power panel. i love saying that. alicia menendez, chip salzman and richard wolf. i want to start with the
-eve, mitt romney's campaign just keeps getting goofy. >> born on a mountaintop in tennessee, raised in the woods so he knew every tree. >> all the latest on the state of the race with the nation's john nichols, and analyst howard fineman. >> he killed himself a bear. davy, davy crockett. >>> good to have you with us, thanks for watching. >>> breaking news off the top, a second station has decided to drop the rush limbaugh radio show. could it be the tip of the iceberg? for the last three days of last week, rush limbaugh has had no remorse about attacking a 30-year-old law student, sandra fluke. he called her some of the worst names imaginable and assaulted her character. when he started losing sponsors, he said he was sorry. but he didn't really apologize for what he had actually done. today, he said he attacked sandra fluke because he was using the strategy of the left. >> this is the mistake i made. in fighting them on this issue last week, i became like them. against my own instincts, again my own knowledge, against everything i know to be right and wrong, i descended to their le
to bowing out and letting romney have a free shot to the nomination. i just don't see that happening. >> dan balz, i'm going to give you a chance in a minute to ask john steele the big question, whatever that may be. >> i'd like to follow up now on what michael steele said, given wounded party that comes together eventually, what they're going to do to beat the democrats? i know jim has a good question along those lines. >> i think a lot of it is going to depend on the arguments that are made. we -- as a party, a national party, we are way off message right now. we are talking about stuff we have no business talking about because it is -- it reminds me so much of the terry schiavo conversation during the bush administration years. and beyond the pale and outside the purview of a national party to inject itself into personal decisions. we cannot on the one hand rail against democrats for, you know, wanting to take control through government auspices of our lives and our businesses and the like, but then in the same, you know in the next breath, you know have the kind of conversation we have a
hear mr. romney talk about this, i think his daddy must be turning over in his grave. >> i'm here today to tell you that i'm endorsing mitt romney in his candidacy for the presidency of the united states. >> moderates do not have the best chance of winning because they don't inspire with conviction. >> rick santorum is a nice guy but he's an economic lightweight. >> i'm the one candidate on our side who runs on really big ideas. romney was the kind of guy who would have fired christopher columbus. >> what do you feel like when you hear 4,000 people chanting your name? >> i almost feel embarrassed. i wonder why they come. >> good morning. i'm chris jansing. and after that wild week, can you believe all that was just in the last week? it's here. super tuesday, biggest prize so far in this tumultuous republican presidential contest. voting is under way right now. 11 states holding primaries or caucuses. 424 delegates are at stake, as well as the all-important perception of who is best equipped to challenge president obama in november? mitt romney has fought back in ohio and tennessee, both
as the republican candidates. this seemed to be a direct response to what mitt romney earlier today at apec said about what he would be doing about iran where he would be moving warships to make sure that iran knew that the military threat that they could visibly see the military threat. it seemed he almost challenged him to think if you think we should start a war, then make the case. >> i think we have the sound from the president discussing this notion of attacking iran. let's play it. >> measure my commitment to israel is seen in the actions that i've taken as president of the united states and indisputable that i've had israel's back over the last three years. >> i believe we have david gregory with us. are you there. we don't. let me go back to chuck. we have rick santorum who came out swinging. i believe it was david and that's why i wanted to bring him in who said a lot of what mitt romney hazarded regarding israel came off as up and dopandering s willing to say whatever it takes. >> that's the danger i thought the republicans were going to box themselves into. he created one policy red
romney in all of this? >> 39% of americans have an unfavorable view of women. >> maybe he should stop talking about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. >> maybe even a bit of a muppet. >> a net loss of 11 points. >> he's lost control of his public image. >> the president reads romney six points. >> his approval rating is 50%. >> 50% of americans now approve of how president obama is doing his job. >> this race has really hurt the republican brand. >> look at the front run are, mitt romney. i know romney looks like a president, but we don't always get the job we look right for. if we did, i'd be the king of the snakes! >>> good evening from washington. with advertisers fleeing his radio show over the weekend on saturday, rush limbaugh did something he absolutely never does. he issued a written apology. this time to sandra fluke, the georgetown student he called a slut and a prostitute on his show last week, realizing that that wasn't good enough to preserve his advertising-driven income of more than $50 million a year. rush limbaugh began his radio show today with an
at stake. also on the line, the front runner status of mitt romney. and the survival of the other three candidates. this afternoon, president obama wished romney well. sort of. >> now i understand there are some political contests going on tonight. >> what would you like to say to mitt romney? >> good luck tonight. >> no, really. >> really. >> bret: we will have full coverage of president's news conference in a moment. but first, super tuesday. rick santorum faces what many feel is a must-win situation in ohio. while a big night could give romney a huge lead in the delegate math his campaign will portray as insur mountable for his opponents. chief political correspondent carl cameron starts us off from massachusetts. >> after barn storming in ohio, mitt romney returned to massachusetts to cast a super tuesday vote for himself. >> it's greet be back home. i am hoping for a win in massachusetts. >> earlier, romney and newt gingrich addressed the apac summit via satellite. santorum appeared in person. each promised to stand with israel and take a hard line against iran. >> i will make sure
the occasions to attack mitt romney. welcome to hour two of "washington today" here on c-span radio. i'm steve scully. thanks for being with us. it is super tuesday. republican primaries in ten states. the president choosing to hold his news conference this year, the first of 2012, an event that the "washington examiner" writes guarantees republicans will not have the media spotlight to themselves for this news cycle. today on wall street a down day. the dow dropping more than 200 points. about 1.5% amid renewed concerns about the situation in greece and a slowdown in the overall u.s. economy. and the president accusing his republican critics of beating the war drums. but he says that's easy for them to do when they're not the commander in chief. at today's news conference the president saying that his critics are forgetting that the cost of war, and the impact that war has on those who fight the battles on the front line, and some republicans are pushing for tougher action against iran without realizing what the repercussions are. and today, the apec conference wrapping up here in washington,
romney was in place calle snowville, georgia on sunday. he said if president obama is reelected then iran will get the bomb and the world will change. i think that got under the skin of some of the officials at the white house. coupled with that the president went to apec on sunday morning and gave his speech where he talked about loose talk of war. we thought he was referring to some of the leaders on both sides of the issue, both israeli and american. it turns out that could easily be applied to some of these republican candidates. the republican candidates appeared there today. a lot of tough rhetoric from there. you heard the president say they are playing politics. if they want to launch a war, they should just say so. >> michael viqueira at the white house. first questioner of the president. thanks so much. let's bring in our panel for more analysis. good day to all of you. dave, if you listen to the president on the seriousness of the potential conflict between iran and israel and then you compare his comments with the stupidity that comes from the mouth of gingrich and santorum, t
Últimos detalles. >>> quÉ tal, mitt romney quiere ganar esta noche mr knock out sin embargo, en este sÚper martes los electores estÁn apÁticos. mitt romney votÓ en massachusetts estado que llama su hogar. pero un grupo de activistas del dream ar acto. >>> loretamos porque dijo que corvette ray al dream act si fuera presidente. >>> massachusetts es uno de los 10 estados de sÚper martes, virginia, tennessee ohio y georgia los premios mayores pero la votaciÓn ha sido a cuenta gotas. >>> no me convence mucho romney por la historia que tiene aquÍ en massachusetts cuando estaba aquÍ pero, el otro tampoco me convence. >>> 3 de los 4 precandidatos usaron sus Últimas hora para criticar a obama, ron paul espero resultados de sÚper martes en idaho. >>> gingrich estÁ en georgia, estado con mayor nÚmero de delgados y segÚn las encuestas le darÁ la victoria. >>> con este comercial dice planea su regreso victorioso, aunque no se espera que hoy ningÚn gane la nominaciÓn algo nociÓn dicen ex el que mÁs delgados acumule tendrÁ la tarea de de ganar obama en noviembre. >>> tenemos y como rep
primary while mitt romney and newt gingrich were both watching the returns come in from the state of florida, where was ron paul? he was already campaigning out in nevada. because nevada is a caucus state, ron paul has a caucus state strategy. it was florida's him being in nevada made sense. in colorado, minnesota and missouri, where was mitt romney? he was in colorado, that was awkward because him being in colorado meant he expected to win in colorado and he did not win in colorado. then the matter of him not being able to fill the room he was in in colorado. on the night of michigan and arizona while mitt romney and rick santorum were both in michigan awaiting those results, where was newt gingrich? he was in georgia. newt gingrich knowing that he would frankly tank in michigan an arizona and knowing he needs to win his home state of georgia in order to make a credible case for staying in the race. where you are on an election night speaks volumes about your campaign strategy and expectations. tomorrow night on super tuesday, rick santorum will watch the returns come in the supe
across the country. i believe if i do i can get the nomination. >> governor romney's technique to out spend his owe noents 5-1. is impossible against obama. he will have massively more money than any republican. >> don't listen to the polls and media hype and all the things about what the race is about. focus in on whether we want a man who can stand up and paint a very different vision for this country. >> up for grabs on super tuesday delegates a magic number for winning the nomination is 1144 delegates. here's the delegate count. mitt romney leads the pack with 203, santorum 92. gingrich 33 and paul with 35. super tuesday a total of 419 delegates available. with a solid win today romney could get a tighter hold on the frontrunner status. threw there are many voters who are still very undecided. >>> i have been going back and forth a little bit. i am looking at rick santorum. i think mitt romney has a good chance to win the presidency. >> i am so not sure who i am going to vote for but i am going to keep my options open at this time. >> you see everyone will be watching of course oh
estados realizan su elecciÓn primaria y en que mÁs delgados se determinan en una sola noche, romney y santorum se perfilan como los principales contendientes y dedican estas horas a captar el mayor nÚmero de votantes, tenemos cobertura comenzando en boston, massachusetts con angie sand vatval aquÍ... donde romney planea festejar maÑana, pero hoy toda la acciÓn estÁ en ohio donde santorum le pisa los talones. >>> el sÚper martes es maÑana en 10 estados, pero los principales aspirantes pelean hoy por ohio y sus 66 delgados. romney impulsado por su triunfo del sÁbado en washington, criticÓ a obama prometio trabajo y reducciÓn de impuestos, segÚn encuestas romney que ayer rezo dio boi el apoyo de... y la ex primera dama bÁrbara busch le lleva dos puntos de ventaja a santorum, empate tÉcnico. >>> por eso tambiÉn en ohio este Último, lepe dÍapedÍa a los lece no hay skweern casa ni a las encuestas ni ly que eligieran u candidato que piensa que estados unidos es mÁs que un tema econÓmico. >>> contienda donde 10 estados se dedo den el mismo dÍa y santorum ya no tiene recurs
>>> can mitt romney make super tuesday into super duper lock down the nomination tuesday? or will rick santorum and newt gingrich get in his way again? it's tuesday, march 6th, super tuesday and this is now. joining me today maggie habarman and the man of so many titles, nbc political director, chief white house correspondent and host of "the daily run down" chuck todd. if you are playing at home tonight, there are three super tuesday state that can change the race. the buckeye state could keep us late showing a dead heat so far. chuck i'm going to throw it to you. it ain't over until it's over. right? >> there's a whole museum dedicated to yogi bear, i tweeted it and they tweeted me back. >> it's a wonderful place. >> my work is done. >> and that is the challenge tonight, mitt romney he will win the balts for delegates he would like to shut down the perception battle here. the irony is that santorum has the pressure. he has to win ohio and tennessee to continue the case that he has a path to the nomination. losing one of them hurts them. losing both of them would seal th
and -- three of then last week, certainly romney could leave some of the -- but the most important prize today is ohio. our latest cnn poll shows romney is neck and neck with rick santorum who needs a big day of his own. let's go straight to jim acosta. he's on the scene for us in ohio. what's the latest there, jim? >> reporter: wolf, ohio mike the marquee state in the super tuesday states up for grabs, but you wouldn't know it. none of the candidates were out in the state looking for votes, but rick santorum will be in steubenville, ohio later tonight with the hope that mitt romney's past will finally catch up with him. >> i'm sorry my super tuesday travel schedule prevents me from being with you in person. >> and the -- mitt romney appeared via satellite before a conference staysed bied pro-israeli lobby aipac, slamming the president's record. >> hope is not a foreign policy. >> reporter: not to be outdowned rick went in person. >> if they do notary down the facilities, we will tear them down ourselves. >> reporter: while the candidates were off the trail, the ads did some trash talking for
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